Henrik Hjertstedt

A book that promises you can easily build your own contract management software without IT help

The book No Cost Contract Automation (LegalBot Press, IBSN 9783952540800) proposes a different approach. Build your own! The latest advances in no-code / low-code software like Microsoft’s Power Automate make this possible without professional IT help.

The book provides a blueprint and step-by-step instructions on how to build your own…

Do you need to create a wildcard search in Microsoft PowerApps. There is no native support for wildcard searches in PowerApps. But below is one possible solution on how to make it work.

The solution:

ForAll( Split( TextInput.Text, “*” ) As SplitMe,
Collect( newCollection, Filter( [Your Data Source], Trim(SplitMe.Result) …

Tired of missing deadlines. Check out how to create an automatic reminder.

It happened again! You missed the notice period of your contract. You can stop this from happening by setting up an automatic reminder notice.

Chapter 9 of the No Cost Contract Automation book shows how you can configure your existing Microsoft 365 for Business software to send notification emails. This…

The magic of SharePoint automatically adding document properties to word files

When I first started working with contract automation over five years ago I was searching the Internet for ways to automatically insert text into Word documents. All I could find was demos and video instructions using Visual Basic, Building Blocks or other complicated methods to insert fields. These methods did…

Computers can process information a lot more quickly than humans. If you can make computers work for you when drafting contracts you will drastically speed up your contract drafting.

The key types of information you need for contract drafting are document format (e.g. templates), party details, commercial details and alternative…

Henrik Hjertstedt

Lawyer and Citizen Developer. Founder of LegalBot.io. Passionate for digitalising and automating legal work. Co-founder of Corporate Legal IT Forum.

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