How to get automatic contract reminders using Microsoft 365 Business and Power Automate

Tired of missing deadlines. Check out how to create an automatic reminder.

It happened again! You missed the notice period of your contract. You can stop this from happening by setting up an automatic reminder notice.

Chapter 9 of the No Cost Contract Automation book shows how you can configure your existing Microsoft 365 for Business software to send notification emails. This is the most asked for feature of a contract management system. In this article we’ll take a closer look at how you can create it.

Reminder Date Column

The first thing we set up is a reminder date column in the contract data record.

Reminder data column in SharePoint

In the standard No Cost Contract Automation project the reminder date is automatically set with Power Automate when we create a contract record — the default date is 60 days before the end date.

Use the built in “subtractFromTime” expression to automatically set the reminder date using Power Automate

Start automated flow to send reminders

The Schedule cloud flow in Power Automate is used for sending reminder emails

To create automated reminders we create a Power Automate “Scheduled cloud flow”. You can configure this flow to run at any time you want. In the No Cost Contract Automation project it is set to run every Monday morning at midnight.

Configuring a Schedule cloud flow to run at 12.00 each Monday

Get the contracts that are expiring

Next in our flow we need to get the contracts that are expiring. We do this by applying an OData filter query on our Contracts list. Since the flow is scheduled to run once per week we get the contracts for the coming week.

Setting an OData filter query on the Contracts SharePoint list

Send email reminders

Finally we need to send an email notification to the relevant people. We dynamically extract the email of the person responsible for the contract. The email can be customized to show as little or as much information that is necessary.

That’t it, job done. Sit back and relax. The flow will run in the background until you stop it. People will grow to love your Monday morning emails. Now there are no more excuses for missing an expiry date!

You can get a copy of the flow shown in this article from here.

Lawyer and Citizen Developer. Founder of Passionate for digitalising and automating legal work. Co-founder of Corporate Legal IT Forum.

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Henrik Hjertstedt

Henrik Hjertstedt

Lawyer and Citizen Developer. Founder of Passionate for digitalising and automating legal work. Co-founder of Corporate Legal IT Forum.

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