Work like a boss

Work Like a Boss: Create a robot worker army with Power Automate

Being a boss means you need to delegate work. But what happens if you don’t have anybody to delegate to because you’re in a startup or down the pecking order? Usually you’re stuck with the work…no matter how boring or time consuming it is. There is another way. With some flexible use of Power Automate you can create an army of virtual workers that are capable of delivering your tasks on time every time. All with a few drag and drops on screen. Read on to find out how.

Arrive at work later on Monday: let Power Automate crunch the numbers

Your recurring data analysis task needs to be delivered in time for the Monday meeting. This means you need to get to work early to crunch some numbers.

Why not get your virtual worker to crunch the numbers whilst you put in an extra session at the gym. After all, a boss should be looking good. All you need to do is set up a recurring flow that is triggered early on Monday morning. The flow can fetch the latest data, crunch it and create a new spreadsheet. Obviously you don’t want the email to be sent too early. Put a little pause in the flow to send the email a bit later.

Set up a flow in Power Automate to crunch numbers while you sleep

Be the person with all the knowledge: have your virtual worker research team keep a track of key issues

Being a boss means you need to be on top of key issues. It takes a lot of time to scour through news articles and social media trends. In fact you need a whole research team at your mercy. Fear not, you can delegate the task to your very own virtual research team.

With a few clicks you can set up a RSS news feed in Power Automate. However, you don’t want your research team to simply find the news. They should research it. So let’s use a simple filter to check if the feed contains our key words. If it does the research team can take any action imaginable. How about creating a task, posting to a Teams channel or saving the article where you can read it later. Job done.

Set up a flow in Power Automate to scan a RSS feed for key issues.

Smash sales results like a boss: take action on sales leads while their hot

When sales leads are delivered in a standard format — your website leads form or leads you have bought — you want to answer with lightning speed while sales lead is still hot. However, if you’re spending too much time recording the lead and preparing a response you’re going to miss out. What you need is a sales assistant who will prepare a professional response immediately. Why settle with one sales assistant when you can create an army of virtual workers. Each one will record the leads and prepare responses based on your highest converting sales template.

A flow in Power Automate to create a full CRM process

All you need to do is set up a flow that will check every email you receive for the matching subject filter. Once you get a hit you can extract data, save it and then take whatever action you need to close the sale.

Sales is a really good space to get creative with a full CRM process that takes you from lead to sale. Say you need on average 7–8 contacts until you close a sale. It is possible to set up your email campaign to automatically follow up with an email sequence and special deals.

These are just a few ideas of how to start working like a boss with Power Automate. By implementing these and more you will be well on your way to becoming a the boss.

I’d be interested to hear how you have or think you can use Power Automate in your work. Send me a message if you want to brainstorm!



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